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Wedding & Boudoir photographer based out of New York & Seattle. Available for international weddings, events, and lifestyle shoots.

I'm Andréa. Learning more and more about the universe and its earthlings daily. Join me on my journey through mindful consciousness,inner peace, love and equinamity. Happiness. Positive Energies. Yoga.Vegan. Sweetness. Adventure.☽ ☼ ૐ

A Personal View on Paris by Heddaselder Since we really feel spring is very near, we can’t resist planning our next city trip. And what do they say? “Paris is always a good idea.” We stumbled over...

"When the blade went dull, he honed it up for the better, but when the handle on the ax his father had used for over twenty years let go, he decided to head into town for a new one, maybe calm his spirit on the way." The Bachelor Farmers by Brenda Sorrels

Making your own food is the best way to eat healthfully. You know exactly what ingredients are going in, and you know what the quality is - if cooking overwhelms you, cook in bulk! Then freeze to save to eat when you're craving it.

"'Put down those oranges already because although they are a step up from your usual fashion choices, I CAN NOT have a serious conversation with Miss Orange-Eyes Arthur.' 'Never.' she replied, staring at me with her unblinking, orange-half eyes." - Stella

natural light and fresh flowers.

Home Makeover: How to Make the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

"Throw some flour on that dough it it'll end up being a ball." Lexi mumbled passing by where Uriah was trying to work. He looked over his shoulder at her and found himself staring. 'Stop Uriah. Focus of the dough.' He commanded himself.