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Military And Cops,Macho Man

Elsword is a cop or conductor thing now.Add me on elsword- Mitsukiwzw (I just started so I'm not a high level)

11 great picks for ABC artwork in your nursery

Malachi said I have to learn this, the cop version is much different. Why do they have to be different?

90 years of girls in blue: And in 1919 they weren't even allowed to make any arrests!

Through the ages: British women police officers' uniform (l-r) in 2009, 1919-1931, 1946-1968 and 1968-1972

6/19: THE GLASS HOUSE THAT DICK BUILT - He who lives in a Glass House should throw no stones. The whole Cheney vs Obama good cop bad cop is such a sham and is nothing more than a divisive tool and a Psy-op to keep America divided until the next false flag operation can be carried out to totally destabilize the United States and allow the dialogue for martial law ~~~ read more

A run on ammunition has begun: Russia has reportedly halted all exports to U.S. of Russian made ammo | Intellihub News

Yes, German Shepherds can bite harder then pitbulls. That's why they make such efficient cop dogs. Nat Geo tested the bite force of a pit, Rott, and GSD, and the German Shepherd came out as having more PSI then the Pit Bull.