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The Baroque Period in all its Grandiloquence

The gentlemen pictured here are wearing mens breeches. Breeches were worn by men in the Baroque period and are comparable to modern day pants. They normally reached down to knee length.

The fit of men's breeches was baggy and loose but cut much straighter and less full than a decade earlier. Most were commonly knee-length although other trimmings added length so that the breeches extended to mid-calf. They were attached to the doublet with hooks and eyelets.

The Baroque Period in all its Grandiloquence

The ladies in this picture are all wearing frontages. A frontage is a tall stiff headdress worn by women during the Baroque period. The headdress has stiffened frills with ribbon loops in the back.

Frockcoat, waistcoat and silver embroidery detail from portrait of Josef de Jaudenes y Nebot, 1794. [note red silk facing and cuff of frockcoat matches waistcoat and breeches]. (c) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dress (robe à l'anglaise) c.1790-England Material: Cream silk taffeta; two-layered "compères" front with buttons; matching trim; black lace decoration at front bodice and cuffs; wine-colored ribbon lacing at cuffs; matching petticoat; fichu at neck. A dress of surprisingly modern taste appeared around the time of French Revolution, during the transition period from the gorgeous Rococo style silk dresses to plain cotton dresses after the Revolution.

1625-1649 AD.- English. This is a rare example of a woman's slapshoe. Made of brown leather, the shoe has a long narrow toe with a flat end and a medium heel which stands on a leather extension of the sole. Its name derives from the slapping sound caused by the heel striking the extension of the sole while walking. The upper part of the shoe has extensions with eyelet holes in each side for laces, and the tongue has two pairs of eyelet holes. Found at Royal Ontario Museum.

Fashion 18th century ball gown dress Robe a la Francaise circa from 1760-1780. Made from silk with flower floral bouquet pattern in various colours and fabric gather as flounce decorated with lace, trim, ribbon, on the matching stomacher bodice, sleeve and also on the skirt and the petticoat.