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- Brilliantly hidden storage. Love it! - This apartment shows us the flipside of monochromatic design, focusing instead on darker design with black, slate, and dark grays in much of the apartment.


The ground floor of the two story building houses the living areas, kitchen, and entertainment room. The glass curtain walls open on either side, extending the outdoor space to the indoor, creating an effect of a home without walls. 3

Modern home

Gallery of Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos - 4

Wide open spaces

Gallery of Goksu Rope Factory Lofts / Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects - 9


Casa Cobogó - Selected for Leaf award 2012 - short list [ENG] [POR] [ENG] - The light of the abundant tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, penetrating the holes of the hollowed elements and covering the floor of the...


Built by Marcio Kogan in Punta del Este, Uruguay with date Images by Reinaldo Coser. The Punta House is located on an open lot, alongside a reservoir, in the countryside close to the city of Punta Del L...