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"Today, I saw a child, and my traitor brain thought "aww, cute." So I watched some supernanny reruns until my sanity returned. Not today, uterus."

Girls on her period..

Why can't these things be more believable?

You can do two things on your period: cry and f*ck some sh*t up. I choose the latter.

Perimenopause Can Suck It #4: Sexy Time Talk

CAVEAT: Contains the word "lube" and may make you giggle uncontrollably. Perimenopause Can Suck It: Part Four

I hope that news of the arrival of my period today makes last week's PMS-related emotional instability much more tolerable.

Cartoons to help you learn about Menopause, Perimenopause symptoms, and support. Talk about hotflashes, hormone replacement therapy, mood swings, weight gain and how to find humor in it all.