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Rihanna: Hair Style File

Get perfect brows a la RiRi with our BOOSTER BROW GEL. #BeMoreBardou

Re-Pin, using pic Another possible to represent/play T'Pring, or Saavik, in New Trek fic. I don't think there will be another film, with poor Anton's death, BUT, somehow, I like to write some of my fanfics, with modern day stars to 'play' the old guest-star roles. Sometimes, you don't need to, 'cos you can picture, in your mind's eye, the old guest characters with the new cast members, despite the different filming styles making it awkward to mesh the 2eras/characters together, in my…

Here Are The Outtakes From Rihanna's Rolling Stone Photo Shoot

Rihanna & her fashion weekend: six looks, many likes

The hair, the make-up, the ear cuff- we <3 everything about Rihanna's look - Visit for a chance to win £200 worth of luxury afro hair products. ~Visit: