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Vintage 3.5 lb Plumb Double Bit Axe with a 32 inch handle

Set of 3 wood carving woodworking bowl adze tools - straight - big - small curved adze

Set of 3 cast and after that forged and tempered sculpting, woodcarving and a woodworking adzes. Excellent quality - reasonable price!!! This is THE

Inshave by Lazy K -- Hi; I have been a Cabinetmaker since 1982. and have made many of my own tools. here's a sample for starters. I currently live outside of Philadelphia. Current focus is on early and pre-colonial/medieval furniture types. some tiny luthier's planes, several saw frames, Handles (gotta make your own), 2 spoke shaves w/ bone inserts and 3 go-devils, home made inshave. thanks for...