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Caribbean Tourism (PRINT VERSION)*eng In this publication, Jean Holder tells the story of how, when, why and whence tourism, now the driver of most Caribbean economies, was introduced into the region and why its journey has been a turbulent one. Tourism was one of the means of diversifying out of a Caribbean sugar industry that was beset with difficulties after emancipation in the 1830s.

The politics of integration : Caribbean sovereignty revisited (PRINT VERSION) In this book, the author presents CARICOM s special paradoxical relationship between sovereignty and regionalism, examines the framework for regional governance and discusses the strategic implications for moving the region and the integration movement forward.

Towards marine ecosystem-based management in the wider Caribbean (PRINT VERSION)*eng In order to ensure sustainable use of their shared marine resources, the nations of the West Caribbean Region must adopt an approach that encompasses both the human and natural dimensions of ecosystems. This volume directly contributes to that vision, bringing together the collective knowledge and experience of scholars and practitioners within the wider…

Contemporary Caribbean tourism : concepts and cases (PRINT VERSION)*eng Spanning the breadth of issues from accommodation and transportation; environmental and economic impacts; Cultural, Sport, Health and Wellness, and Adventure Tourism; to disaster management and preparedness, this book discusses all of the elements essential to the long-term development and sustainability of the Region's most valuable source of income.

Tourism and development: concepts and issues (PRINT VERSION)*spi/c?SEARCH=910.2+T7275+2015++&sortdropdown=- This book explores and challenges the relationship between tourism and development and establishes a conceptual link between the discrete yet interconnected disciplines of tourism studies and development studies.

Governance in the non-independent Caribbean : challenges and opportunities in the twenty-first century (PRINT VERSION)*eng This edited volume brings together the perspectives of scholars and officials from Europe and the Caribbean to provide a much-needed international, comparative and interdisciplinary perspective on the status and performance of the non-independent territories in the Caribbean.

Caribbean imperatives : regional governance and integrated development (PRINT VERSION) This book focuses on several important topics relevant to the future of the community by addressing issues such as the conception of the Caribbean Community; integration theory; the exercise of sovereignty; the Single Market and Economy; production integration; the external relations of the community...

Investing in Agrotourism Development in the Caribbean Region (EBOOK) The Forum brought together fifty-five participants from the Caribbean and Pacific regions, including representatives of Ministries of Agriculture, Tourism & Culture, technical assistance agencies, Universities...Agrotourism project proposals developed in Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago and St. Kitts & Nevis were showcased at the…

A New Paradigm for Caribbean Development : Transitioning to a Green Economy (EBOOK) The main objective of the study is to augment the regional and international dialogue on the Green Economy in the context of inclusive and sustainable development.

Cooperation in the Greater Caribbean: The Role of the Association of Caribbean States (PRINT VERSION)*eng In this volume, Norman Girvan examines the issues and obstacles, challenges and opportunities presented by this functional cooperation and presented the ACS as a viable vehicle to help CARICOM nations meet the challenges of the new globalized environment.