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Homeade clay!! With the mixture of cornstarch and lotion you can makr this!!!

1. get your supplies ( canvas or poster board, crayons, hot glue gun, and hair dryer 2.glue the crayons on the canvas in any order/pattern you like 3.wait for them to dry (if you are using hot glue you will only nwwd to wait 10 seconds or so) 4.melt the crayons down the canvas/poster board 5.wait about 15 minutes for it to dry 6.hang it up or sit it somewhere 7.enjoy the masterpeice you created!

This is amazing you can do this same thing with a printout and yellow tissue paper!

Home is Where the Art Is: 4 Simple Ways to Make Spray Paint Wall Art

Wrap canvas with string. Spray paint with your choice of colors. Remove string. Tada! Art!