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Driven. "The Times of My Life" is a fascinating autobiography by Jack Heuer, the former Honarary Chairman of avant-garde Swiss watch brand, TAG Heuer. Next week, at SalonQP (6.11.2014 - 8.11.2014), a 17-minute short documentary will be screened. Holders of tickets can book a place to view this film which provides an interesting account of a remarkable and driven man.

A watch with magnetic appeal. Angus Davies gets "hands-on" with the TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum on ESCAPEMENT. Read our in-depth review.

Oh to be 21 again! Angus Davies recently wore the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 7 GMT and discusses the viability of this watch as a potential purchase for a gift, in particular, for a young man coming of age.

A. Lange & Soehne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater - SIHH 2015 Beyond my reach Angus Davies discusses the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater, recently launched at SIHH 2015. This watch is an exemplar of watchmaking know-how. It has an impressive six patents relating to its movement. I have always exhibited a weakness for A. Lange & Sö... -

Montblanc TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph - The TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph looks the epitome of “cutting-edge coolness” with its covert black exterior, ideal for stealthily BASE jumping from altitudinous buildings in the early hours. The watch has a robust mien, incorporating some interesting design details which demand further discussion. Recently, I had the pleasure of temporarily wearing a TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph for a few days, appraising its form and embracing its youthful…

Angus Davies talks about "a state of mind" as he reviews the limited edition JEANRICHARD Aquascope The BNY Mellon Boat Race. This limited edition watch celebrates the annual rowing event where Oxford and Cambridge compete.

Style never goes out of fashion. Angus Davies review the Tudor Style on ESCAPEMENT.

Business class. Angus Davies had an enjoyable week wearing the large, masculine, Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter. He reviews this behemoth timepiece which is reputed to be the ‘world’s first automatic mechanical watch with a mechanical altimeter’.

Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Superlight Carbon. This watch weighs less than 100 grammes and is made of cutting-edge materials.