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The Glass Harmonica's Music is Like Being Stalked by Fairies

Glass Harmonica Invented by Benjamin Franklin in Music by Wolfgang A. Mozart. Played by French artist Thomas Bloch, exhibiting the glass harmonica in the Paris Music Museum, Nov.

A 5 chord progression improvised on an Array mbira, 5 octave model by Array Instruments. A Simple Song

Grand Piano, Grand

Sarod - Full Decorative Beautifully crafted Sarod from seasoned tun wood, it has 6 top strings, 2 chikari and 11 symp. It produces a deep weighty sound and is most popular instrument in Hindustani classical music.

Hipkins Musical Instruments - "Indian Drums" - Stipple Chromolithograph - 1923

From the book "MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, HISTORIC, RARE and UNIQUE" from London in Drawn by William Gibb. - Fine Chromolithograph - 92 years old - By A.J.Hipkins - Printed by A. & C. Black - x