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Cool New Release For the Love of Spock 2016 Movie for Watch and Download check here http://sirimovies.com/movie/watch-for-the-love-of-spock-2016-online-2/ , with stars

I read the Sherlock books with my sister before the TV series was even considered being made, #BritsLoveTea

Check out the new profile on vulture.com ~ . . . Not Too Taboo for TV: A Brief History of Tom Hardy’s Most Pivotal Roles ➰ Tom Hardy is the opposite of typecast. The 39-year-old English actor is beloved not only for his technical skills, but for his career choices; he nimbly shifts between incredibly diverse characters and wildly different projects — from an imaginative con man navigating a dream world, to a police officer turned post-apocalyptic hero. There is one common thread: Whatever…

Hp × Sirius Black × Newt Scamander × Stranger Things. It does not get much better than this.

Eva Senín Pernas, the Spanish makeup artist and photographer has created some jaw-dropping designs using makeup on lips, and they're super-spooky Halloween-themed. Check out some of her incredible creations, from the Batman logo to a witch's cat, evil pumpkins, ghost and ghouls. They're beautifully bewitching...

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