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rockon-ro: CROCOITE (Lead Chromate) crystals with white gibbsite over growth from the Adelaide Mine in Tasmania, Australia.

Weapons found in burial pits dating from the late 3rd century BC Qin Dynasty of the Terracotta Army near Xi'an, China have been analyzed by archaeologists. the ancient bronze tips of crossbow bolts and swords found at the site showed no sign of corrosion, because the bronze was coated with chromium.[20] Johann Gottlob Lehmann found an orange-red mineral in the Beryozovskoye mines in the Urals. the mineral was Crocoite (lead chromate) Siberian red lead as a paint pigment became popular.

Huge crystal of gemmy reddish-orange Crocoite! This crystal measures 10.6 cm in length! It's incredibly flashy with well striated, lusterous surfaces. It makes up for its imperfections with sheer size & eye appeal. From the Adelaide Mine, Dundas Mineral Field, Zeehan District, Tasmania, Australia. Measures 10.6 cm by 1.1 cm by 1 cm in total size. Webb Mineral Collection

Crocoite : Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia. Size: 8.3 x 3.1 x 1.8 cm. Bright orange crocoite crystals to 8 cm in length forming a very aesthetic cluster.

Crocoite Crocoite is a mineral consisting of lead(II) chromate and crystallizing in a monoclinic crystal system, and it is the only chromate of any importance found in nature.