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Matching Numbers 1-10 Valentine's Day

This fun themed matching game has your students matching the numeral and the word to the number of Valentine's Day images. They count, identify the correct numeral, and read the word as well. All great practice while they're having fun. Two suggested activities are included.

Color Word Practice Set {4 Color Word Activities Included in this 50 Page Set}

Fall Math Center - Connect 4 - Numbers 1-20, Number Sense, Tens Frames

Math Games - This Connect 4 Fall Themed Math Games is a fun way for students to…

Short Vowel CVC Word Family Word Work Bundle

Give your students extra practice with their CVC words (a, e, i, o, u) with this "Short Vowel CVC Word Family Word Work" bundle!

Love is in the Air! {Valentine Math and Literacy Activities}

Valentine's Day Literacy Center: Students say the name of each picture and match it to the correct digraph house!

Chemical Elements - Color by Symbols

Put a fun twist on learning chemical symbols with this “color by chemical symbols” activity! Use it as a fun way to practice matching 20 chemical elements with their symbols, or as a quiz! It’s a great way for students to practice learning their chemical symbols. Students will use a color-coded key to match each element symbol to its name. They will locate each symbol, however many times it appears in the puzzle, and color it according to the key. ($) #science #TpT #elements…