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Explore Preparedness App, Biological Events and more!

Last week I was up early and managed to catch a segment on Fox & Friends about a new preparedness app called TerrorView. $hit is hitting the fan all around us. Whether it be threats from terrorists, cyber attacks or biological events…do you know where these events are taking place? Do you know who is …

Bubble Wrap as Insulation for Windows

What To Do If You Don't Have A Bug Out Location

If you can afford a remote piece of land or if you have friends in the countryside, great. But what are those of us without a bug-out-location to do?

Warning! Evacuation Imminent! How to Be Ready

If you got a phone call today letting you know you had 10 minutes to evacuate, what you would grab? Where you'd go? Learn how to be ready for evacuation.

Plans Fail → Skills Endure

Plans Fail → Skills Endure | Survival Sherpa: "My good friend... The Organic Prepper, wrote an article recently about reality checks in the prepper world. My favorite line in her article came from someone who is all too familiar with [reality checks]... Everyone’s got a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth. ~ Mike Tyson." | #prepbloggers #plans #skills

Urban Search and Rescue Markings, and Why You Need to Know Them - You can use this information to learn about the marked buildings and tell who was there and when. You can find out whether your friends and neighbors are safe or have ended up as casualties.