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Seishun location 5 - Pig Rabbit Fansub — submanga

Bad Fun Time [Undertale/Sister Location Crossover] by on @DeviantArt

So, exactly what is the center of Max's location during time travel? Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour (1600 km/hr), revolves around the sun at 18.5 miles per second (30 km/sec), and not onl...

Don't ship the top one, the second one's hilarious, and The bottom one is true but it goes in these steps: 1. You're mean to me 2. I cry 3. I'm getting red which means thing will get serious 4. I'm mad now. Seriously. 5. I'll bust out in angry Italian and kick your shins. Yep that's right. Both. Now that you've read this, don't get me mad ANYWHERE. I'm like part Feli and Lovi.

Final Boss fight in Sister Location. the only animatronic who wants to look human so badly and the one who’s really good at ‘pretending’. You smartest animatronic you deserve my exotic butters, Ennard. #FNAF #SisterLocation #Ennard