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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hawaii

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Green Sea Turtle. They're too damn adorable!

9 Gorgeous Must-See Sights You Have To Experience In Hawaii

9 Sights In Hawaii You Must See On Your First Visit (8)

Known as Waiahuakua, this is the second longest sea cave in the world, stretching 1,155ft. It is known as the Sacred Water Cave and as the Double Door cave – as it has both an entrance and an exit. Kayak tours run through the cave to allow visitors a close-up view of the caverns huge length. A fissure in the roof of the volcanic rock allows water to gush into the amazing cavern.

The tourism industry in Bali is primarily focused in the south, while significant in the other parts of the island as well. The main tour...

Kalaekilohana - Wonderful Hawaiian Hospitality #lethawaiihappen

The Big Island - Hawaii...#lethawaiihappen #kalaekilohana ... | - [parts of someone else's caption]