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Saan Wish Vitayathanagorn Site analysis of UNDP ranking or the quality of life Homeless basically have low standard. Thailand is in the middle range from 187 countries. But in the Asian, Thailand has a low health standard.

Saan Wish Vitayathanagorn Problem and proposal Since the problem are the low health standard and lack of health care facilities, I propose Public health care center that aims to improve health standard of all group of people including ordinary group to the concern group such as homeless.

Saan Wish Vitayathanagorn Case study : Lumpini Park in Bangkok… Focusing on activities that activate in the park which can be consider as a health activities.and can be adapted to health care facilities.

Saan Wish Vitayathanagorn Zoning design: Healthcare center zoning separated into 2 floor. The main entrance is in the mass transit zone and the health care is in the main program is in the center as a core. Underneath, there is a park for public use and at the end of the site, the homeless area are placed which will be separated from other program. Each zone has its own area depend on how much user need each space and generate the suitable dimension for each program.

Saan Wish Vitayathangorn User type : User satisfaction and User facilities needed… Different type of users come to use health care center with different purpose. Different purpose creates different needs.

Saan Wish Vitayathanagorn Silent pin up plate presentation The Rescare center is a health care center that will be constructed at the Hua Lum Phong station. It has 3 stories with 15 meters high. The construction technique in this building is simple because the health care center is a non-profit organization. The building needs to answer the health care function and the hygiene system with low cost of construction. So it end up with the R.C. system and the steel structure system.