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GSD-Monty. If my pup ever met a dolphin he'd probably go for a swim with them not be all calm and curious like this sweet baby.

Audrey, is that you? Phil Collins' daughter Lily bears striking resemblance to Miss Hepburn in beautiful new photoshoot

Lily Collins pretending to be Audrey. How cute is that? I will have those bangs, I swear to you.

Unlikely friends......or the beginning of a new species of half-dog-half-killer-whale? Killer Dogale.

Oh my god! -fangirl moment- frerard! Gerard is the sweetest person in the world and frank is the cutest thing!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

Forever blowing bubbles: Playful dolphins show off their unusual talent for making rings of air under water


Caspar Lee) Hey I'm Caspar. Im 22. Single. Joe and Oli are my best mates. Im a vlogger and I have a book. Intro