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Jodie Foster talks Roman Polanski's 'Carnage' on -

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It used to be okay to have a little tummy on a trim body...I say bring back the look....womanly

Talk About Roman Polanski's "Carnage" With Jodie Foster And John C. Reilly, Driving, 12/28/12 -

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Scripted and filmed as Dance of the Vampires, an elegant title retained everywhere except the United States, Killers was emigré Polish director Roman Polanski's first bigscale production. Straight from Polanski's international success Repulsion, it was mounted on a lavish scale - color, huge sets in England, location filming in the Alps, elaborate costumes and choreography suitable for a period epic.

'I feel bad for Roman Polanski's kids. Tony Blair? I don't know how he lives with himself': Ewan McGregor speaks out

The actor on his latest film concerning a former British Prime Minister facing the threat of war-crimes charges, the arrest of its' director Roman Polanski and why he gave up alcohol.

Christoph Waltz Joins True Crimes

Christoph Waltz Joins True Crimes -- Roman Polanski is a contender to direct this true-story adaptation about a Polish writer convicted of a murder he was never suspected of. --