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Ashly Lorenzana - "Don't kid yourself by saying that one time can't make you addicted. It can. I believed...". drugs, addiction, experimentation

Ashly Lorenzana - "They say blood is thicker than water. It's also more treacherous, prone to betrayal,...". quotes, relationships, family, blood, betrayal, biology, abandonment, deceit, relatives, treachery

Ashly Lorenzana - "Don't be scared of scars. They just tell stories that are hard to hear". life, sadness, pain, emotions, stories, storytelling, trauma, scars, depressed, emotional-pain

Ashly Lorenzana - "Storytellers don't show, they tell. I'm sticking with that". storytelling, writing-craft, show-don-t-tell

Ashly Lorenzana - "Just remember that those who feel profoundly depressed are those whose happiness...". happiness, emotions, depression, perspective, personality, intensity

Ashly Lorenzana - "Sooner or later in life, we will all take our own turn being in the position we once...". life, empathy, karma, fairness, role-reversal

Ashly Lorenzana - "We judge others instantly by their clothes, their cars, their appearance, their race,...". life, people, self-awareness, judgement, opinions, impressions

Ashly Lorenzana - "The end of a relationship is not always a failure. Sometimes all the love in the...". relationships, goodbyes, failure, fault, love

Ashly Lorenzana - "Drugs don't really fix anything, except for everything". life, problems, drugs, addiction, contradictions, cure

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