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Miya Yamanouchi - "Resistance, in the form of opposition or lack of support from others is often a sign...". inspirational-quotes, powerful-quotes

Miya Yamanouchi - "Don't tell me I'm "too tall" just because my height happens to threaten your rather...". beauty, men, gender, feminism, body, stereotypes, tall, appearance, masculinity, manhood, fragile, feminist, size, masculine, intimidation, body-shape, beauty-contructs, beauty-standards, body-shaming, feminist-perspective, intimidating, short-girls, short-women, tall-girls, tall-women

Miya Yamanouchi - "Make a vow to yourself today that from now on you will treat yourself with the same...". inspirational-quotes, self-love-quotes, how-to-love-yourself, loving-yourself-quotes, miya-yamanouchi-quotes, quotes-about-self-acceptance, quotes-on-how-to-love-yourself, self-acceptance-quotes

Miya Yamanouchi - "Be as loving, gentle and tender with yourself, as you are with your children or your...". inspirational-quotes, quotes-about-self-acceptance, quotes-about-self-love

Miya Yamanouchi - "You are your own soul mate, so love and treat yourself in the same way you would...". inspirational-quotes, soulmate, self-love, inspiring-quotes, self-love-quotes, quotes-about-love, miya-yamanouchi-quotes, love-yourself-first, quotes-about-loving-yourself

Miya Yamanouchi - "Creativity channels your energy into a powerful source which allows you to perform...". inspirational-quotes, creative-expression, quotes-about-creativity, quotes-about-energy

Miya Yamanouchi - "Safe sex is an act of self love". relationships, sex, sexuality, health, self-love, condoms, safe-sex, sexual-health

Miya Yamanouchi - "Don't use your past history as an excuse to be miserable. Use your past as a testament...". life, inspirational-quotes, courage, motivational-quotes, past, confidence, miserable, testament, no-excuses, past-history

Miya Yamanouchi - "Gratitude is the antidote for misery. When you are counting your blessings you are...". life, happiness, depression, happy, gratitude, appreciation, blessings, misery, grateful, thankful, be-happy, thank-you, be-thankful

Miya Yamanouchi - "Practise really seeing yourself in the mirror. This is NOT about examining yourself....". inspirational-quotes, soul, self-acceptance, self-esteem, connecting, self-love, inspiring-quotes, self-love-quotes, self-compassion, self-courage, soulful-quotes