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"Thithai Thaka Thaitho" - Bitter Gourd/Paavakka Theeyal

I'm sure most of you have already started preparations for a grand Onasadya and the celebration as a whole. Mums must be busy-bees entertaining the little kiddos at home who are having an absolute bash with Onam holidays going on. Well for us in Bangalore, the home-made Onasadya session is already o

Aval/Beaten Rice Payasam

I'm sure all of you had a great Onam, complete with fun, games, dance and music. Hope you celebrated the festival of togetherness wherever you are, with a grand sadya. For those of you who are yet to prepare a grand Onasadya, here is a mouthwateringly delicious payasam recipe. Super simple and taste

Unniyappam : Celebrating Onam 2015 with piping hot Wheat and Banana Dumplings

Happy Onam peeps!! So what's cooking in your kitchens today? Sadya planned? I have decided to prepare a mini sadya for tonight. We will go out for a full blown grand Onam Sadya tomorrow at Ente Keralam, a Kerala restaurant in Bangalore. Unniyappam is one of the things that I always love to buy from

Pineapple Pachadi : A Marriage of the Perfect Sweet and Tart

A Sadya is never complete without a Pachadi. This year I thought a Pineapple Pachadi would go very well with the other dishes I have prepared. This is a simple dish that can be cooked up in less than 30 minutes.Happy Onam people. Don't forget to check out my Onam Recipe collection on my blog.

"Maveli Nadu Vaneedum Kalam"... Cabbage Thoran

Preparing a traditional Onasadya may seem like an ordeal to many. But to be honest, it is not. All it requires is proper planning and organizing. For those of you who have adequate help to chop up and help in the cooking process, preparing an Onasadya is a piece of cake. But for those of you who hav

With just one more day to go for Onam 2012, I can’t wait to eat the authentic Onam feast tomorrow at one of the restaurants in Bangalore. Crossing my fingers and toes for an awesome and sumptuous meal One of the most modest and humble entries on the Onasadya is the Parippu. Served with piping hot r


Rugelach is a delicious pastry cookie. The fillings can be swapped for what your family loves. This is always a favorite and requested recipe. Great for Holidays as well!

Puttum Motta Roastum/Steamed Rice Cakes and Egg Roast

Ummmmm! What can be more comforting than this? Hi Y’all! Here is the roving foodie from wonderful Bangalore. I am having a fantastic time and eating like a hog :) So many types of cuisine to go through that one just forgets about that slim waistline!! Not so good I know :( Well I did a make a nice b

Onasadhya സദ്യ Onam 2016 Sadya Sadhya London Kerala Onasadya recipe