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Well damn, I must be an ironing board then AwkwardWhaale -

Yeah I hate how people think that "adult" movies need to be super sexual and violent (not that I hate all adult movies, there are plenty of them that I love), but these "kid's" (and I use that term in the, yeah I'd let kids watch this, not, it's only for kids, sense) movies are full of creative ideas, truly emotional (in all senses of the word), have awesome animation, and great acting.

Inside jokes only 5SOS fans will find funny << oh yeah because "Luke is a penguin" is unheard of by anyone outside the 5SOS fam

6 Challenges of Being an Adult

6 Challenges of Being an Adult

Lol that one about cooking, though. So true. 6 Challenges of Being an Adult

Funny Work Memes - Best Work Memes Collection

Please can we draw some needed attention to how wonderful Gordon Ramsay is towards children. And y'know, yes he's really coarse and strict in Hell's Kitchen because he's putting them through the wringer to find the best, but in the shows where he helps people (Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares etc.) he's not like that. He'll drop an f-bomb or yell if someone is being really incompetent or stubborn but other than that he's polite, calls people darling, and HELPS them, I love Gordon Ramsay so…