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Heidi & Brooke - getting to know each other :-) Rescued animals are the best. I think this weekend is the perfect weekend to everybody to go to the shelter and check it out. Maybe bring in some old towels and newspapers that you don't need anymore.

Tarzan - Groomed and ready to go to bed. It has been a long day for Tarzan, but leaving the desert and moving to Hollywood seems to make him happy :-)

Gidget - another broken dog. The past two weeks were just so busy with rescue dogs who suffer from broken bones. My friend Lisa Arturo asked Hope For Paws to help with Gidget the same day she asked us to help with Bitty. Gidget has a really bad fracture of the Tibia & Fibula, and her surgery was scheduled for tomorrow. I will post the X-rays in a little bit... I think it's always interesting to see.

Sara & Abby (rescue video link inside)Sara & Abby (rescue video link inside) I always LOVE it when I get photo updates!!! This beautiful mom & daughter were rescued last year, and now they live happily in Edmonton, AB (Canada).

Walley - Rescued from the Downey Shelter. Three days ago I went to the shelter with my friend Jaime Ray Newman, and we saw Walley. I wish I had taken a "before" picture so I could show everybody what difference a bath can do. Walley was at the shelter... available for adoption, but no one came for him. He is a little sad because he has pretty bad kennel cough, but he should be OK in a few days.

What a weird coincidence... Carolina looks so much like Shaggy who was rescued exactly a year and a day ago :-)

The transformation is complete!! Pretty amazing to see a dog go from dark gray to white in just 30 minutes :-)

Henry - Hit by a car, rescued, and now at our hospital. When Lauren Melzer was driving the other day, she noticed little Henry hiding under a car. This kid was so scared and in so much pain, that he wouldn't let her get him. She started crying, and that grabbed the attention of another good Samaritan who was able to wrap a clothing item around him, and bring him to her car.

All Henry needed is a hug (from Jackie Artecona). So many times, this is all it takes... a loving hug. Here is a video with a perfect example to that: Please click and share. Thanks, Eldad