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Assyrian relief sculpture panel of Ashurnasirpal lion hunting. From Nineveh North Palace, Iraq, 668-627 B.C. British Museum Assyrian Archaeological exhibit no ME 124876.

Shamanic Bee Keeping – Shonagh Home

cretan bee goddess cretan goddess inspires Womens October Retreat ! Step through the magical portals of the Ancient Goddesses of Crete, accessing sacred knowledge. Meditation Activations every day, and much more… Magic happens when women circle….

Noelito Flow

Babylonian Kudurru, land grant, 16-17th BCE, Mesopotamia repin & like. listen to Noelito Flow songs.At Burns & Co., we create rare historical art produced from prints, photographs, manuscripts, ancient texts, & reliefs. Visit: or call (888) 266-9385.

Map of the world – 600 BCE This artifact was discovered in Iraq close to the Euphrates river in the late 1800s and first published (or written about) in 1899. It has been dated to around 600 BCE. This was the oldest known map for several decades until the Nippur map (see above) was finally published. The Babylonian Map is currently in the British Museum.

Brilliantly coloured glazed brick decoration, facade of the throne room, palace of Nebuchadrezzar II, Babylon, c. 600 bc. Photo: EB Inc. with permission of the Staatliche Museum zu Berlin

2700 BCE Early Dynastic. Abu Habba, Sippar Iraq. Aragonite cylinder seal; contest scene; in the centre - a bearded nude male with 6 roundels around his head termed a "crested head-dress", holds a bull in each hand.