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Use video tours to market your rental property, this video shows how you can get back your time and reduce vacancy - #RentLAP #PropertyManagement YouTube

Video emails can be INSANELY powerful and persuasive in the selling process. Are you taking advantage of the benefits that come with this tool?

My kids are learning Sign Language in homeschool as their first 2nd language. Here's a free set of 30 lessons, videos, quizzes, practice sheets and more from ASL. Enjoy!

[VIDEO] Where can I find good landlord forms? - Rent Like a ProRent Like a Pro

[VIDEO] How many evictions do you do? - Rent Like a ProRent Like a Pro

Don't waste time showing vacant rental properties, video tours save landlords money - Rent Like a ProRent Like a Pro #RentLAP #IncomeProperty #RentalProperty

Check out our FREE property management video tips at: Been There Done That - YouTube #RenatLAP #PropertyManagement

What to do if your tenant doesn't pay? #PropertyManagement #RentalProperty #RealEstate #RentLap [VIDEO] What to do when your tenant doesn’t pay | Rent Like a Pro

Have you ever had a tenant that you just wanted out? Chances are that you have… This short video outlines the quickest and easiest way to make that happen. Have a look: