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A group of beads or semi precious stones in pastel colors making together a heart shape, the heart can be representing a bracelet or armband, the dot of the letter "i" in the text is also a stone.

An abstract peacock with shiny jewels on its feathers, the design conveys graceful and high end fashion.

Abstract butterfly inside a circle, the logo in a yellow golden color, in the additional image there is another version with different style.

Colorful lotus flower inspired by ancient Egyptian art, the flower is like a jewel ring. Related keywords: vivid, golden, traditional.

Whimsical branch for unique business or company.

Swirly crown with nice blue heart and beads, the style is girly and cute.

An owl face where eyes and feathers are jewels and crystals in a decorative view.

Beautiful tree with crystal leaves and little pink flowers, style is classy and elegant.

Grey bracelet looks like a globe or a planet, another version in golden color is available. ( round, upscale, clean and simple, beads, crystals, diamond, gold ).

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