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Their 2010 limited edition cat-head lipsticks were a huge hit so it's no real surprise that Paul & Joe Beauté is choosing to revisit the feline theme, this time dedicating an entire collection to their furry friends. This time the hero is the

Joe: "Jim what are you doing?" Jim: "I'm expressing my individuality." Joe: "So you're being weird?" Jim: "Yeah, that's what I said, expressing my individuality. Now leave me alone. I saw this work on Pinterest. I'm trying to grow wings." Joe: "Dumb@$$."

The 21 Cutest Lipsticks Of All Time

The 21 Cutest Lipsticks Of All Time... I want the one with the cat. I don't care if the color would not look good one me.

“Where should I go?" -Alice. "That depends on where you want to end up." - The Cheshire Cat.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


I love being yours & you love being mine. I want you back more than anything. I am hurting & have had tears after tears. I miss you xxx