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Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe is my IDOL because even tho she was curvy. had thighs and stretch marks. She is known as one of the most beautiful women who have ever lived. She was so honest. confident. brave and beautiful and that just makes me feel better for who I am

Corsetted Victorians and others – myths and reality

The chorus of fairies in the burlesque Ariel, Gaiety Theatre, London, 8 October 1883 - not as delicate as we usually think as fairirs ;-) Once sgsin: habe been born in the srong century. I would have been a beuty queen!

Marilyn represents, to me, a healthy normal instead of the stick-thin image rampant in the media. Women are beautiful in all sizes.

We love beauty icons that are real women! The 2013 Women's Lifestyle on October 26 is the perfect way to spend the day with your girlfriends!

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I love my body and wouldn't change it for the world. I run because I enjoy it and eat healthy because I crave the foods. But I have thick thighs and an hour glass figure, so what? Meat is for men, bones are for dogs :)