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Explore Vw Southtowne, Recurring Issue and more!

Warranty and Service Scams plague VW customers.

We, at VW Southtowne, wanted to address a recurring issue that is plaguing our dealership (and possibly other dealerships) and your phones/mailboxes. Even our employees have been on the receiving e...

Falling behind on your car payment? Here are some tips.

Driving Sales finds out how VW Southtowne is faring during the emission scandal.

We thank the crew at Driving Sales for this insighful article to how business is running around VW Southtowne, Utah's #1 Volume dealer, during the VW emissions scandal. These are some words from ou...

Why an auto lease could be the best option.

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How to get up early sleep diy interesting infographic infograph

How To Work Only 40 Hours A Week This Year

How To Work Only 40 Hours A Week This Year Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Fast Company If you plan your day well, 40 hours should be enough time to get your job done.

FTC releases estimated Volkswagen Emissions pay out numbers

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Negative equity dragging you down?

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Utah Auto Lemon Laws and 3 Day Returns

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