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The Girl From Four - Finnick Odair X Reader - Chapter one

#wattpad #fanfiction Winning the games once was easy, winning them again against your best friend - thats the hard part

Tumblr and Fandoms, us supernatural fans are cray...... <<<IDK AbOut YOu But THe ShERloCK FanDoM IS FalLING TO PIeCES. 3 SEASONS? We ARE HigH fuNCTIonINg SOCioPaThS

This is a game I actually play every time I watch a British show, spot the actor(s) that have been on DW. Doctor Who was the 2nd British show I've ever watched (Sherlock being the first).

Fantastic Beasts and Rogue 1: the Potter and Star Wars fandoms go wild.< when you're in both fandoms mentioned and a few of the others

Pinned it before, but pinning it again because I laugh so hard EVERY SINGLE TIME. Need this like air.

WE WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!! Oh, and this would help me understand the magic in Camelot better.

Harry Potter and Merlin Omg omg I'm a late comer to Doctor Who and it turns out that the picture of Merlin is from Doctor who and I'm fangirling all over the place!!!