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Writer-Author Business Cards: 5 Common Missed Opportunities

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The last four years I have chosen to devote my life to a great teacher and a lineage of golden mountains. Through doing so I have discovered a life filled with secret treasure, tremendous energy to be of benefit, complete mental and emotional stability and the ever-increasing capacity to relate to myself and others with deep care, respect and an open heart. Thank you precious Candice O'Denver. I am forever in service to you and love you deeply.

With greatest thanks to Candice O'Denver who has dedicated her time, energy, resources and entire life to education in the nature of mind, I am able to be completely myself and everyday I discover more aspects of who I am to be of benefit, rather than something to hide. This is the full blossoming of benefit, to see that everything I am, speak and think is pure benefit, and from this place of complete relaxation with who I am, naturally I benefit myself and others.