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Here are Readers' Choice Top 5 Psychology Trivia Posts 2013 from my blog. there is nothing trivial about them. There are interesting & often surprising facts about psychology, education, divorce, social media & more...

1st installment of summary of research from around the world on perceptions of motherhood from Museum of Motherhood Conference in NYC last week,

Today’s blog shares natural antidepressants you can use every day & a website where 24/7 you can get answers to health & mental health questions from experts from around the country

Here's #‪#‎Friday‬'s Fabulous Finds! Take a look to find free psychology courses you can take from Ivy League schools, free books & deals as well as some inspiring gifts.

Here's a 2nd post reporting on some of the studies presented at the Museum of Motherhood last week in NYC. This one is on how the Marketing of Motherhood is impacting on mothers.

Here's Sunday's Comics. Most psychology comics are more thought provoking than funny. This one may act as a reminder not to let anxiety lead you to the worst conclusion!

From here's my Sunday's Comic Strips Blog post on Self help books. Do you have a favorite self help book? Has it changed your life?

Tuesday’s ‪#‎Psychology‬ Tips: Do You Take Your Anxiety Out On Your Stomach, Head or Neck? Here’s an expanded answer to a #HealthTap question with some ways to help stop taking your emotions out on your body….