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"art deco posters travel - Google Search" I like this peice because of the clever use of perspective, and i also love the matching colours, i like how they are bold, and stand out so much from the background, which however i do not like. i think it detracts too much from the peice itself, and i will make sure to consider this in my work

Bugatti Veyron meets Beetle mock up....loving it. would very much need the Euro millions win to afford this reworking of the 'donor car'.

1973 Austin, Morris and Wolseley 18-22 Series. BL replaced the infamous Landcrab with these three models, which lasted for 12 months under their relative badges before becoming the Princess. This was the last ever Wolseley model

The car you always promised yourself... THE car industry had been going through some liberating times during the 1960s. Fuel was plentiful and cheap, and t

The Coronation Scot leaving Euston Station in London, It was an express passenger train of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway inaugurated in 1937 for the Coronation of King George VI, Photograph, June the 23rd, 1937

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