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The 100 Best Android Apps of 2013

Some of you will recall the story a few months ago that cell phones had been linked to a type of brain cancer. It made the rounds for several days, was a popular topic of news blogs and discussion forums...

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The 16 Most Popular Mobile Apps in the World

Don't have time to read all the awesome stuff you come across on the Web? Save it for later with one of these top-notch read it later apps. The post Best ‘Read it Later” Apps appeared first on Digital Trends. | Technology in Business Today

Ex-professional footballer uses Coach's Eye app to train future stars - Telegraph

Ex-professional football player Ian Fitzpatrick is using a mobile training app called Coach’s Eye to train the next generation of football stars. | Technology in Business Today

Top Free Wi-Fi File Sharing Apps for Android

Today, devs are getting the same level of access the Library of Congress got when it started archiving and storing all Twitter data. Only this time, it’s commercially available.

Apple's quest for an iWatch on every wrist

Apple's quest for an iWatch on every wrist #apple #applenews #iwatch #smartwatch #tech #technews

10 Gadgets for Your High-Tech Home

Today, you'll soon forget the keys to the house, than a smart phone. Stop worrying about it, just connect them - CalypsoKey resides in your iPhone. Turn the phone as a key, you activate the special technology and dual-band antenna RFID, open the door.