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This is me and nobody will tell me different I am me and only me even no nobody likes me I will tell the truth cause it's true and not fake ok thank u

Me and only me two people will love me my man and my sisters but this is me and I will tell no lie cause it's all true thank u

Your dum your weird and I am like that too I will always be the Same your my baeee and boo and cousin every hiking i luhhhh ya so much were beutyful

***TO BE DESTROYED 06/10/16*** FELICIA WAS CAUGHT IN A TRAP, SET BY THE FINDER TO CATCH COONS..BUT INSTEAD CAUGHT FELICIA WHO HAD GIVEN BIRTH TO HER STILL BORN KITTENS!!!! IF THAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU MAD ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING THEN STRAIGHT OUT...YOU HAVE NO HEART! And just to top it off this girl is just SIX MONTHS OLD! The still borns obviously had to be aborted and this girl lay hurting, her body and her heart, she's dirty, her body needs a place to heal. Her heart needs to find a reason…