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It was in that moment- that one moment of desperation- that she realized she had two choices: one, she could continue down the path she was on that would, ultimately (more than likely), lead to her death; or two, get out and try to find a better life.

Courtney, daughter of Gabriel Heaven possesses the ability to see the future, impacting her life. She was born of time and is changing slowly. Her beauty magnified and her unusual golden eyes are a whisper of the things to come...

Digital Art by Jeremiah Morelli

Jeremiah Morelli, aka Jerry8448 is a middle school teacher and hobby artist from Bavaria, Germany. Jeremiah’s art is full of imaginations and could take me into a whimsy fantasy world.

Dolores -old hunter who became a witch and lives at camp nephilm she doesn't take crap from anyone she has a terrible past and people she's lost and a great love