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This is an inspiration board for IvyDenim. You will find Fashion, Art, Architecture, Women, and the Philosophy that contributes to the identity of our brand...Enjoy.


Talking trash and ain't saying nothing...Traci when you ready to say something worthwhile you know how to reach me...I'm just a car ride away. If you dare to with your scary self....baahaha! 5323 Slater Mill Circle Douglasville, Ga

Right., if you like me tell me, I don't like to be lead on.., and I don't like my feelings to be played with, don't give me the impression that will drive me crazy thinking about! So just tell the truth! so don't mess up your chance!

There's No "pretend" option, right? So, go away if you keep insist trying to drive my life. I don't need stupid ppl who do not want to listen up to me.

INFJ -that's awesome now your being nice someday if you keep it up you will become who I thought of you in the beginning and the person you are with will be so happy good times and bad times.