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14 Must-Try Tools to Speed Recovery

The workout may be done, but the work is far from over. Whether you’re checking off your first 5K or an intense strength training session, now is the time to finish strong with a smart recovery plan. For many, this can mean a mix of foam rolling (aka self-myofascial release), stretching, and perhaps even an ice plunge (polar bear club, anyone?).

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Burning Calories Is Part of It, but Here Are More Reasons to Try Interval Training

Interval training is the ultimate fitness mashup, blending the speeds of both the tortoise and the hare. Playing with speed and intensity in your workouts offers so many benefits for your fitness level, weight loss efforts, and overall health. Learn all

Run Faster with High Intensity Interval Training

What is a Tempo Run- a Guest Post by @tinamuir

why you should be doing tempos and what a tempo run is. This article explains exactly what a tempo run is and how it can make you a faster more efficient runner. Running tips | motivation | half marathon training