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Now how painful do these shoes look?! These shoes somewhat mimic what foot binding looked like in ancient China. Men thought small feet on women was something very attractive, therefore, women went to crazy measures to make their feet smaller. Seems like this type of shoe is still popular in China, due to the way it makes a woman's feet look.

"Not sure why more American women aren’t outraged and disgusted by the foot binding that goes on in this country. I lived with deformed feet for years before realizing that if it hurts to walk in bare feet there is something wrong. Ditched the women’s shoes and not only are my feet strong, but I’ve realized I am an athletic person."

Don't wear heels you can't walk or dance in you will fully regret it the next day! Wear a smaller heel if you aren't used to them #paulmitchell

I had this done, both feet, hurts like a bugger, but now I can walk with out pain. Charcot-Marie-tooth

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