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OBJECT NAME Bottle PLACE MADE Sasanian Empire DIMENSIONS Overall H: 9.4 cm, Diam (max): 13.5 cm DATE 200-699

Bottle (14th-15th Century). Probably northern Italy. Glass, gather inflated in dip mold, withdrawn and blown to final shape and size. H. 22.7 cm (8.9 in.); Diam. (max.) 12.6 cm (5 in.). Also: Beaker Decorated with Prunts (13th-14th Century). Northern Italy, Switzerland or southern Germany. H. 12.5 cm (4.9 in.); Diam. (rim) 8.4 cm (3.3 in.).

OBJECT NAME Cylindrical Bottle PLACE MADE probably Persia DIMENSIONS Overall H: 22.7 cm, Diam (max): 13.5 cm DATE 900-1099

OBJECT NAME Cup DIMENSIONS Overall H: 9.2 cm, Diam (max): 11.7 cm; Rim Diam: 11.2 cm; Base Diam: 5.9 cm DATE probably 800-1099, perhaps earlier

Bottle with Impressed Decorations Object Name: Bottle Date: 10th–11th century Geography: probably Iran Culture: Islamic Medium: Glass, greenish yellow; blown in two parts, impressed with tongs, applied blue rim Dimensions: H. 7 1/2 in. (18.5 cm) Max. Diam. 3 7/16 in. (8.7 cm)

OBJECT NAME Jar DIMENSIONS Overall H: 6.1 cm, Diam (max): 5.7cm DATE 500-699

OBJECT NAME Cylindrical Turquoise Bottle PLACE MADE probably Iran DIMENSIONS Overall H: 27.3 cm, Diam (max): 15.5 cm, Diam (rim): 7.8 cm, Weight 701.74 kg DATE 900-1099

OBJECT NAME Beaker PLACE MADE probably Iran DIMENSIONS Overall H: 9.1 cm, Diam (max): 7.5 cm DATE 900-1099

OBJECT NAME Kuttrolf or Bottle PLACE MADE probably Germany DIMENSIONS Overall H: 20.5 cm, Diam (max): 7.1 cm DATE 1300-1499

OBJECT NAME Beaker (Sturzbecher) PLACE MADE possibly Northern France possibly Germany, Rhineland DIMENSIONS Overall H: 7.9 cm, Diam (max): 7.9 cm DATE 400-525 500-599