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Death by Narcissism

Life after Narcissistic Abuse is a journey. Learn how to heal the trauma & addiction to toxic relationships, move forward, & live joyfully after No Contact.

Narcissist Abuse - WELL let the a-hole go and move on...there are wonderful men out there...MEN...not scared, insecure boys in grown up bodies... Are there really??

This is so true, they only LIKE,BUY,DO,COPY, what the people they are trying to impress,They stalk social media so as to know where people hang out and then they show up!! Pretend that they didn't know!! Who they are is based on who they are trying to impress ITS; THE WHO'S WHO SYNDROME!! Everything about them is FAKE!!!

In fact, when you define narcissism, it is accepted that there is a sadistic element present. So, for many narcissists, being cruel and hurtful gives their ego a boost. To them it means they are in control of others, they are dominant and therefore superior. Dr. David Mc Dermott, What Is Narcissism? A practical guide to protecting yourself.