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May Allah guide all of those people who are deceived with this world and so caught up with everything in it and whose hearts are dead..

Subhan’Allah Almighty Allah forgives us and we still can't forgive ourselves. Time to let go of the guilt and move forward.

Islam (definition of oneness)... in English. prefered reference of he and him not used why. These terms (he, Him) nounciates man or mankind........a slight error. The key issue Islam defines Allah (God) is eternal eliminates the concept "man is created in his image" since men do expire upon earth. It also eliminates the concept Allah is born therefore what is not born has no end. So, again concept Allah can't be born,die or imprisoned hence breaking pagan ideology established on…

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Final revelation, last testament and the manual and book of life...read it, understand it and most importantly...practice it!!!/Z

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