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I think as I go more and more through this journey in my life, I discover more and more has been stolen. Of course, I lost my innocence a long time ago, and maybe that was the worst thing to lose. Or maybe it was that I lost myself and who I was meant to…

Oh my gosh. Someone out there PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who saw, "Sunday is for MUGGLING." I was like, "What the heck does that even mean? Like HP?!" before I read it again and realised it said "snuggling." <<< YES !!!

Sharing a little about how my motto 'make time to make things' has helped me stay connected to myself through the years and a little more about how I was invited to write my new book, DIY Woven Art, with Interweave over on @elisejoy's fantastic podcast! I

been following this one a lot lately. No matter what happens in life, it's not worth laying down and complaining or grieving over. Tomorrow will come and life is too short to stay mad or upset. If it doesn't really matter, cast it away.