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IIMPACT - IIMPACT provides educational opportunity to underprivileged girls 6- 14 years old in rural India. Our aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy that these girls are mired in - this is achieved through community based Learning Centres where girls get meaningful and stimulating education. Your support will make a difference in their lives. You can give them a gift that no one can take away!

AfricAid - We support girls' education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.

Fair Futures for Women and Girls - facilitates sustainable business solutions to empower rural women and girls in the Lautem district of East Timor.

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre - TAEC supports Laos' rural ethnic communities in the revitalization and sustainability of their traditional arts through livelihoods development, outreach, and diversity awareness education. We also provide the only in-depth resource for learning more about Laos' diverse ethnic groups in one place through our exhibitions and public cultural events.

Girl's Soccer Team - Located in Fond des Blancs, Haiti, launched a girls soccer program in Fond-des-Blancs that has caught fire, with 54 players, ranging in age from 13 to 28. The players hail from six different in-town schools. Practices, games, and instruction in life skills are just a sampling of the programming offered. To sustain the program, Haiti Projects needs $12,547.

Girl Child Network Worldwide - we support and promote rights , empowerment and education of girls in Africa by reaching out to and advancing the circumstances of girls wherever they are economically deprived, at risk of abuse, subject to harmful cultural practices, or living in areas of instability.

ChildVoice International - Operates a therapeutic community for highly vulnerable war-affected girls and their children in Gulu District called the Lukome Center.

Maasai Girls Education Fund - Strives to improve the literacy, health and economic well-being of Maasai women in Kenya and their families through education of girls and their communities.