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Lunar heart is 13 years old. She loves to take naps and draw. She loves to listen to her favorite pony band, Pony Direction, in her free time. Adopted several times!

Stellar Radiance is a beautiful pony who loves to dye her hair neon and glow in the dark.ADOPTED BY CHETTA LIFE

S6E09 - Rave Pony by on @DeviantArt

HYPERMEGASUPERULTRASPOILER! My Little Pony Concept image Slide

Power Ponies: Zap by on @DeviantArt

Really wish they'd bring the Sea Ponies back to the reboot! These renditions are really cool.

pony-Armenia by Holivi on DeviantArt

Neon feather is a party pony!!! She loves to party and talk with friends. She never EVER likes to be alone.

#223592 - artist:moongazeponies, oc, pegasus, safe, vector - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard (Thought This was cute)