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Be careful what you say or even think about people, especially if you don't know them. Remember that one small bad thing you say or do, you have to justify before God one day. So think twice before being rude or judgmental or holding grudges. Just love them like you love yourself. Always be kinder than necessary!

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I hate Trump to. Billionaire baby who made his fortune on the coat tails of his father's success. Ya he's in it to. I can't believe Christians voted for him after what he said about women and I quote from this shining example of a dickhead patronizing religious beliefs "And those who store up treasures in Heaven, k, are losers. They're looosers." He twisted the words of a Messiah. You really think God is letting that guy get anything less than he deserves? Nah he's getting it to.

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dont hate or bully someone because your think his weird because their sexual orientation - Google pretraživanje

Be the person you want your kids to be. Be the person people want to say good things about. Try to forgive even when an apology is never given. And I'm sure I'll never get an apology. It's ok though the past is the past and I've became a bigger person then I was 5 and a half years ago.

This is it! This explains why I believe there is no god and without a doubt, god is NOT love.