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The Nitrate Diva on

Tomten poster/print, a great Swedish Christmas decoration or gift. I love this, it's so vintage and charming.

Nøgle hus spejl (2015)

Nøgle hus spejl (2015) Lily and Max have been married for more than 50 years. Now they live together in a nursing home, where Max has been reliant on professional care since his stroke. Lily has been putting her own needs aside and is desperately longing for excitement and intimacy in her life. When a man known as "the Pilot" moves in next door, Lily is immediately charmed by him and his passion for life.

Italiensk for begyndere (2000)

An odd, but charming, assortment of students in Denmark come together to learn to speak Italian and manage to find their voices in this Dogme 95-ish film.