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Tamarin monkey , portrait, Amazon rainforest, Brazil

Laurent Baheux America This collection of portfolios higlights YellowKorner gallery photographers by presenting their photographs in large format, printed with the greatest attention to detail, in order to optimise their presentation and as a direct result the appreciation. YellowKorner therefore continues to promotoe photography through every means of expression. Laurent Baheux was attracted to journalism and editing at first, rapidly discovering a passion for photography and becoming a…

Think about grass, trees, flowers – even the dirt and weeds – all around you. Did you know these are the habitats or natural homes for insects, birds, and other animals? Learn why biodiversity is important, how the natural homes of various animals are being threatened, and what you can do now to preserve and protect our natural environment.

This reminds me of walking through the woods in the Pacific Northwest. The moss covered tree roots are often tall enough to walk under. I feel a universe of animals watching from behind trunks and branches, and I want to speak their language so I can live there too.

Fierce mom. #cheetah #Biodiversity #Preservation #elephant #rhino #cecilthelion #Lions #Africa #extinction #education #sustainability #Conservation Re-post by Hold With Hope

A number of non-governmental organizations and forward-thinking companies have been working with small farmers to preserve rice biodiversity, increase crop yields and help the farmers earn a decent living using SRI. One of these is Lotus Foods, a California-based heirloom rice trading company that supports small farmers in Asia who produce traditional rice varieties.

Paul Gauguin Cruises - Preserving the environment is essential to a healthy and sustainable planet—and important to your clients who value nature and adventure. To show our commitment to this cause, we have partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society, which has been saving wildlife and wild places worldwide for over 120 years. WCS aims to protect half of the planet's biodiversity, while ensuring a positive impact on millions of people. Clients who are interested in animal species